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     The TOCCA LIFE...
Its About Actions, Not Words!
Now Back Under Original Management...
Start Your TOCCA Life Now
Only $249  

Call (561) 207-8669

Relax and Revive yourself.  Work the 12 Step Program  at our Sober Living Recovery Residence. Conditions apply, contact us now to reserve your space at our Structured, Up Scale Sober Living Home near Delray Beach. No Insurance Required!

The Other Cancer Called Addiction Life requires Action, Not Words. 

If You're Trying the same thing over and over with the same result, Enjoy a new challenge.

 Your best you is waiting at the TOCCA House.

Implementing Your New Life

Changing people, places and things can be hard for anyone in sobriety.  Doing it by yourself can be impossible.  Take the opportunity to live, learn and grow at your own pace with a sober support group of your soon to be friends that share your common bond at our sober living home.  Practice the 12 Steps of AA or NA and take advantage of water sports to cooking and daily meetings to focus group skills meetings.  You can build from strength with the tools you've learned at your addiction treatment center within our strong foundation of strategic sober life coaching and transitional living program.

Expand Your Horizons

In implementing your new sober life, TOCCA Life offers you more than just resume writing skills.  Voluntary meetings will be available to enlighten your understanding of career opportunities you may be interested in, how to get training and ultimately start a career that suits your new life style after transitional living.  At your option, you can learn the basics of budgeting to advanced skills of credit underwriting.  From personal credit repair to business infrastructure formation, we aim to introduce you to much more than a half way house. Our transitional living introduces you to the excitement of being drug free.

Getting & Staying Fit For Life!

Nothing's more important than good health.  Mind and body go hand and hand.  With TOCCA Life, you will have the options of weight training to wake boarding during free time at our transitional living home.  Unlike many, our program prides itself on organizing physical fitness venues that promote a healthy mind and social experience.  Physical fitness is optional to your transitional living arrangements but it certainly is an option that takes TOCCA Life to a new level of sober living.

Don't waste one minute more!

Apply now to become part of the TOCCA Life transitional living.  We want to help you become the best you.  When you finish your application to receive strategic sober life coaching, Contact us about possible financing arrangements for sober living.  Partial scholarships will be offered to individuals possessing the qualities and willingness we look for in TOCCA Members.

The TOCCA Philosphy
Why The TOCCA Life?

Career Focus Groups

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